Roman Egger

Fachbereichsleiter eTourism @ Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Professor Roman Egger attended the Tourism- and Hospitality Management School in Klessheim from 1989 until 1994. He graduated in Communications Sciences and gained his doctorate from the University of Salzburg, where he specialized in the field of Information- and Communication Technologies in Tourism. He worked at the Tourism Board of Salzburg as a marketer and switched to the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in 2004 where he built up the tourism research department. Roman researches and teaches at the department of Innovation and Management in Tourism, where he is the divisional head of eTourism. Roman advises a number of national and international projects in the field of Information Technologies in Tourism and counsels several international eTourism-development activities. He has written and co-edited 16 books up to now, published a number of articles in books and journals and is co-editor of the scientific Journal “Zeitschrift für Tourismuswissenschaft”. He is a Member of the International Federation of Information Technology for Travel and Tourism (IFITT), ÖGAF, DGT and AIEST.